Hello! I’m a Brazilian who has been falling in love with photographs. The last 10 years I have been living in Brazil, Sweden, Indonesia  and now I’m based in Brussels, Belgium.
2010, when we moved to Sweden, I made a decision to make a career change and become a photographer. What did I do before? Well, I studied Mathematics at university and did a Master in Education.
I had a great experience when I studied photography in Stockholm and it was there I could improve myself as a professional photographer. The natural lights of Sweden are wonderful, so magic. There I had also the opportunity to meet great wedding photographers that I worked together with.
2014, when we moved to Jakarta I had a wonderful experience with my camera on the streets. I really like the style of Indonesian photographers, I took some photo courses there too, and I felt that my photography style changed. Thank you, Indonesia!
I’m also proud that I was selected (2013) to be coached by Vinicius Matos, one of the best wedding photographers in the world. I have improved my skills and learning about photography, images, edition, lightroom, lights, books, films, etc. with him. So, I can say that in the past years I had learned a lot, not only about photography but also about me, people and life.
So now it’s 2016 and I don’t stop study because I think this is so important for me. In 2015 I started a new coaching program called Masterklass with Nestan Nijaradze and Klavdij Sluban in Paris to improve my artistic skills. I’m so happy that I got this opportunity. At the same time, I went back to university to study History of Art.
In my photo sessions, I want to capture love and passion. I love the details and small things that make our life more passionate. A small flower in a child’s hands, a smile, tears in the eyes, a hug with passion, a delicate kiss are so fascinating.
My inspiration is from the contemporary photography and I’m completely in love with the pictures of André Kertész, Sugimoto, Loretta Lux, among others. I love Monet and his garden in Giverny. Have you noted the lights in the paintings of Monet? Wonderful! And Rembrandt lights? They are fabulous! I love portraits.
I am a person who is committed and dedicated, regardless of my job. I love challenges and I am searching for solutions that will help me to grow as a professional. Every day I try something new that can inspire me. I have so much to learn and to study (always).
We have so much to share from our life and I choose to share it through photographs. Photography for me is the way to get close to people. To stay connected.

So, enjoy my photos and thank you for your time here! Ah, I would also like to say that I speak English, Portuguese, Swedish and also basic French.

Silvia Alcantara

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