Sometimes rainy days have the most beautiful lights ever! Do you know how the rain is in Jakarta, Indonesia? Can you imagine? Yes, almost a flood! I love when it’s raining during a photo session and I try to do my best. So, some photographs of Cleo & Jaime under a rainy and romantic day in Jakarta you can see below.

_SRA7184-4-2 _SRA7191-11-3 _SRA7222-37-4 _SRA7224-39-5 _SRA7244-51-6 _SRA7266-66-7 _SRA7270-70-8 Family photo session in Jakarta _SRA7285-83-10 _SRA7290-87-11 _SRA7306-99-13 _SRA7309-102-14 _SRA7317-107-15 _SRA7321-110-16 _SRA7343-123-17 _SRA7351-129-18 _SRA7357-133-19 _SRA7363-139-20 _SRA7375-148-21 _SRA7380-150-22 _SRA7382-152-23 _SRA7398-165-25 _SRA7409-174-26 _SRA7413-178-27 _SRA7426-190-29 _SRA7445-205-30 _SRA7457-216-32 _SRA7183-3-1

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